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How international shipping with Send Me Package works?

And how can our service help you to save on shipping rates?

Main benefits:

  • Discounted shipping rates up to 85%
  • We will take care of your package (we automatically check it for all unplanned events and fix it for you)
  • We will take care of customs clearance (You don’t need to communicate with customs authorities anymore, these times are gone.)
  • Free insurance for up to 300$ value
  • Stellar customer service
  • 8 years of experiences in international shipping

So, no long waiting at the post office or paying expensive shipping rates!

International shipping has never been easier and more available!

International shipping - ship your packages worldwide

This is how you can ship your packages in 4 steps to 246 countries around the world:

and of course for the best shipping rates!

1. step – create and account

An account is free (no credit card needed), and you’ll get access to benefits like huge shipping discounts, invoicing and shipping inquiries, packages tracking, and many others.
Sign up for international shipping

2. step – create an order

Enter sender’s address, recipient address, and info about your package to our system. It’s easy. Anyone can do it.

International shipping - how to ship packages worldwide

3. step – Choose carrier and make a payment

Choose your shipping carrier and make a payment. After successful payment, all shipping (exporting) documents will be generated automatically. After that, you can schedule the pickup.

Worldwide package delivery

4. step – Package delivered

You can track the package from your home. And it’s done. Your package has been delivered within a couple of days anywhere around the world.

Air Express international shipping

See? It’s so simple!
You can ship your package anywhere around the world just in a few clicks.

So, what are you waiting for?

And ship packages around the world fast and for the best rates on the market.