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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Account and Services

Account Send Me Package
  • Are there any monthly fees at Send Me Package?
    No. There are no regular fees.
  • Do you have any verification process?
    No, we don't have it. We never require to upload any of your IDs. We have in place a lot of security and anti-fraud measurements. So, no hours, days or even weeks spent waiting for to be verified user. At Send Me Package you are verified from the beginning!
  • What are the advantages of shipping with Send Me Package?
    1. Discounted shipping rates up to 85% - we have big discounts from the shipping carriers due to we spend there a lot of money every month. As a single shipper you won't be able to get these discounts. So shipping with SendMePackage will save you a lot!

    2. We will take care of your package - Our software will automatically check your package and in the case of unplanned events, we are informed about it and we usually fix the situation before you notice it.

    3. Free insurance for up to 300$ value (or equivalent in a different currency) - Your package is automatically insured. You can always pay for an additional insurance for higher values at Customs declaration form once you creating package at our system.

    4. Stellar customer service - We have 8 years experience at international shipping field. We solved many complications and problems with different kind of shipments. We are prepared for any situation! We will always offer the best service for you and your international shipping needs.

    5. No hidden fees - Unlike the competition, we have no hidden fees. All shipping rates which you see at our shipping calculator are final and you'll get them at the end!

    6. Consolidation and savings on shipping costs
  • Which countries do you ship to?
    We provide transport to about 220 countries around the world at the best conditions possible. The complete list of destinations can be found here.


Payment for international shipping
  • What payment methods are possible?
    You can pay by debit/credit card, via PayPal and Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodge and more).
  • Will I get an invoice for your services?
    Yes. You always receive an invoice for everything you pay us for. You will find it in our system in your account.
  • What currency do you use for payments?
    We use the United States dollar.
    For payments you can use your card in any currency, it will be automatically converted by your bank.
  • Is my payment information protected?
    Yes, you are entering all payment info directly to the payment gateway's website', where all your datas are safe. You don't fill your payment info on our website and we don't see it, you will be always redirected to the payment gateway of your choice. All transfers between your browser, payment gateway and our website are secured by 256bit SSL technology.


Package from USA


Delivery and shipping

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