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Few words about Send Me Package. Who we are?

Hi, my name is Ondrej Bartak and I am CEO of Send Me Package Inc company.

“At international shipping field I got a nickname: “Postman Ondra” this nickname is usually used on social media.

I always loved traveling around the world. You can check my blog (in the Czech language), where I am sharing stories from my trips and my life.

I lived in the USA for a long time (right now I partially live in the EU) and I know, how difficult and expensive is to ship a package to your friends or family on a different continent.

After some time I found a way how to ship packages anywhere around the world fast, effectively, and cheap.

I know how difficult is to fill out paperwork for international shipments, how terrible is to deal with customs authorities, that’s the reason why I created the project, where you can ship your package from the comfort of your home anywhere around the world. You don’t need to pay expensive shipping fees or go to the post office.

I always said that users should fill out just the sender’s and recipient’s address and content of the package.

No paragraphs, no HS codes, and many other things which are difficult to understand, our software will take care of everything for you. You just fill out the most important info and we take care of the rest.

After payment, you’ll get all paperwork (labels, commercial invoices, etc) and you can schedule a pickup at any available date and time by our shipping courier.

Courier will pick up your package and deliver it to the recipient.

You can track your package during transportation, tracking is always very detailed.

At SendMePackage you always know where your package is and when it will be delivered.

Our software automatically tracks all package’s movements and in the case of any delay or trouble, we are notified about it and we will fix it for you, usually before you even notice it.

Regularly we work on better rates from the shipping carriers and we’re adding new countries.

Postman Ondra

Postman Ondra


Ondrej Bartak Travel blogger

 I was kidding, this is me 🙂

Do you have some questions?

Feel free to contact us.